The Hispar 500 (£419 ) and Minimus (£200)

Pairing up these sleeping bags would provide an all year round  camping solution….

We ranted about the Alpkit pipedreams recently, but if you’ve got a little bit more to spare then these are arguably some of the lightest sleeping bags you can buy. Of course, it’s a little complex once you regard the weight to warmth ratio, with many companies still publishing unrealistic minimum temperatures.

This is a bag that’ll keep you warm in the coldest of British winters (-15°c), but is still light enough to be your principal bag outside the summer at only 890g, which is where the Minimus comes in. It’s good to 5°C, which might strike some as being cool for summer, but I’ve used a -3°C bag in the summer and I’ve not never found it to be too warm!

With a 5 degree bag at 465g, you’ll be fine in summer, and most of spring/autumn if you throw on a fleece.

Only available at their site here.

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