All I want for Christmas 3 Sealskinz Merino Wool Liner Gloves No ratings yet.

Sealskinz Merino Wool Liner Gloves £9.99

Compared to everything else on the wishlist, these are relatively cheap. Even if they do provide a level of comfort you won’t get with cheaper gloves, you might baulk at spending a tenner for what appears an expensive luxury.

Being merino, they’re both comfortable and warm, even when wet and are ideal if you need to remove bulky gloves in colder conditions in order to do some fiddly nav work and still keep your hands warm. Even if you still think these are expensive for a thin pair of gloves, if you ever find yourself at 1000m in a blizzard and biting wind chill and you have to take an accurate bearing, you’ll realise that they’re worth every penny.

They provide just enough extra insulation so that you can get that bearing done and your hand back in the warm glove still in a reasonable state. I know if I get my hands cold in winter that one of the most difficult tasks on the mountain is to get them warmed up again, even wearing Darth Vader winter gloves.

Another advantage in liner gloves is that you should find it much easier to put your hand back into the over glove. Anyone who’s tried putting a damp hand back into their glove will know how difficult that can be.

These are a veritable bargain at the price and make a great stocking filler.

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