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Who needs a pillow when a rolled up jumper will suffice? Well, if you’re going really light weight and you’ve no spare clothing, then this may be a necessity as opposed to a luxury if you want a night’s sleep.

The Ajungilak Air Pillow is lightweight (145g or so) takes up barely no space in your pack and unlike an inflated drybag, will remain full of air all night. It’s clearly not as comfortable as a proper pillow, but you can’t compare the comfort of this as opposed to resting your head on a damp jacket resting on your boots.

It basically consists of an outer fabric case  that’s soft enough against the skin, with an inflatable bladder inside this. It’s also zipped, so you can remove the bladder in order to wash the cover.

The only problem that I’ve encountered with this is that the stopper for the bladder starts to come undone when you’ve inflated it due to moisture lubricating it. This isn’t major if you’re careful to push it in tightly, and the wore case scenario is that you need to reinflate it slghtly which takes a matter of seconds.

The zip’s starting to go on mine now, but considering the use it’s had that’s not surprising. A few stitches will see to that. There’s also a stuff sac that I didn’t see the use of, as the pillow will roll down nicely and stuff into any old cranny in the pack.

If you’re seriously watching your pack weight, but still value a good night’s sleep then an Air Pillow is essential kit. It’s light, effective and above all it takes up virtually no space in your packs unlike regular camping pillows. The down side is that it’s slightly less comfortable than those type of pillows, but that’s the price you have to pay in order to wild camp with a teeny pack. At £16 it isn’t cheap, but at the price of a night at a Youth Hostel (north of the border), the pillow will bring the best night’s sleep (and won’t fart in the middle of the night to boot).

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