The Beauty of Bivvying

With tents becoming so lightweight, it seems perverse to go out into the wilds with what’s basically a waterproof sleeping bag cover and with barely any weight benefit. Most of the cheaper ex-army type of bivvy bags are actually heavier than your typical 1kg lightweight tent. So why bother? Reducing the experience down to the

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Book of The Bivvy Review

You may be tempted to bivvy out by virtue of the romance of sleeping out under the stars, or by a more clinical need to pare weight to the bare minimum. Whatever your inspiration, or if you’re just a little bit curious as to wether this is for you, then you’ll benefit from reading the Book of

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Golite Poncho Tarp Review

Not only but also, the Golite Poncho Tarp is primarily a light weight tarp shelter made from SiLite fabric that doubles up as a poncho, though is more of a Tarp Poncho than the other way around. Tarp – The main problem with tarps is working out how to pitch them. The second problem, once you know

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