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Top 11 Walks in Snowdonia according to you

By Dave Roberts   

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Top 11 Walks in Snowdonia according to you

What are the Top 11 Walking and Scrambling Routes in Snowdonia?

According to you, the readers of Mud and Routes, as well as our sister site Walk up Snowdon, here are the top 11 walking routes in Snowdonia that you visited the most* this summer in descending order .

We were going to keep this one for the Christmas period, but thought what better way to mark passing 3000 followers on Twitter!

Top 11 Walks in Snowdonia

11 Moelwynion and Cnicht from Croesor  – One of the lesser known classic walks of Snowdonia, in reverse. Had we walked it the ‘proper’ way round would it have been ranked higher up our Top 11 Walks in Snowdonia list?


10 Tryfan North Ridge – Perhaps the first surprise on our list – and not the last! We would have expected this route to be at the top of the list, but while people say this is their favourite mountain in Snowdonia, is it the one they’d choose to walk / climb above all else?


9 Nantlle Ridge This is a composite of a few routes we decided were similar enough and well worthy of being on the Top 11 Walks in Snowdonia list. Cheating? Perhaps, but as we make the rules on this one, it stays.


8 Pony Path up Cadair Idris It may be the ‘easy’ path up, but we’d still say it’s a good route up. It may be a spoiler, but this is the last and only walking route in South Snowdonia!

mach_to_Bermo (32 of 47)

7 Snowdon Rhyd Ddu Path This is not a bad showing, considering we’ve not yet published the route guide?! One of the less popular walking routes up Snowdon, and under-rated in our view. Or at least, Bwlch Main is, as it provides the the best approach to the summit of Yr Wyddfa.


6 Snowdon Horseshoe Scramble Seriously guys! This is only sixth on the Top 11 Walks in Snowdonia? Shame on you!


5 Moel Hebog from Beddgelert , This is not a surprise as this is an exceptionally popular hill in Snowdonia. Is this going to be the final route in our Top 11 Walks in Snowdonia list that’s Not Snowdon??


4 The Snowdon Ranger Path. Another route up Snowdon, which as the most popular mountain in the UK, comes as no surprise. This is a no-nonsense walking route up, which we quite like during the evening. Partially as it means we can pop to the Snowdonia Parc pub after, and mainly to see the expressions on some people’s faces who just can’t fathom why we’re starting up at 5pm (clue is below!)

ranger (1 of 1)

3 The Snowdon Watkin Path. OK, it really is going to be Carry on Snowdon from this point onwards, but with the Watkin at no 3, who’s going to be our number 1 on the Top 11 Walks in Snowdonia?


2 The Snowdon Llanberis Path, though we did really want to disqualify this for the simple fact that it’s the Llanberis Path. Not a surprise, that it’s high up the list, but after sticking the Horseshoe in at sixth, this sort of makes up for it (but not quite!)

llanbeispath (1 of 1)

1 The Snowdon Pyg Track, thankfully beats the Llanberis Path and all comers as the most popular with you guys. It may be popular, but it’s still a corking route that’s far from being an easy walk up!

craig fach (4 of 45)

The most striking omission from the Top 11 Walks in Snowdonia is the Carneddau, which is possibly due to our glut of routes there that we couldn’t be bothered tallying up. As well as the Glyderau not meriting a mention, which could well be down to our decision to respect the mountain names and refusal to use the Anglicised version (see – Mynyddoed Pawb).

We’re happy that one of our favourite routes, Snowdon South Ridge is not on there as it means we’ll still have it to ourselves, though the Miner’s Track – Snowdon is missing in action.

I suppose it shows what people are really walking, or planning to walk, rather than the best routes. The Snowdon Horseshoe is arguably the best scrambling route in the country, but probably a bit on the hairy side for most people and so lower down the list. So to get you scrambling a bit more, here’s the Bochlwyd Horseshoe to get you going!

*you’re a pedant, we respect that. We calculated this from Google Analytic page views on both sites during the summer. It’s obviously partially dependent on how high some routes appear on a Google search, which might simply mean these are Google’s favourite walks, rather than yours. Still reading the footnote? Well go away now….

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