Mud and Routes Local Experts

Mud and Routes Local Experts

Posted on August 16, 2019

Mud and Routes Local Experts

Do you think you know your locality?

Do you perhaps run a local walking, cycling, running blog with impressive routes and want more coverage?

Do you have a community project where you want to promote a series of local walks?

Are you a council who wants more coverage to the routes you’ve already produced, but constrained by a marketing budget of buttons and washers?

Or perhaps you’ve got a local business with a couple of routes on your site, how about some shameless self-publicity for nowt?

Cymraeg? Da ni’n gallu gweithredu yn y Gymraeg hefyd, felly allwn ychwanegu eich cylchdaith i’r wefan yn ddwyieithog os hoffech?


Get in touch via the contact form and we’ll get your routes featured on our database and perhaps in a feature highlighting the best routes in an area.

What’s in it for you?

Free publicity! There’s no limit to how many routes that you can add to the site, each one a way to publicise your site and drive visitors your way. We also re-share them across social media, including the submitter’s name and key accounts (like the national parks) that tend to re-tweet even further, so you get increased coverage on social media and increased followers! It only costs you the time to submit the route on the form.

There’s even a Mud and Routes Local Expert badge for your site, if you go for that sort of thing!

We may also get offered local freebies that we may not be able to take advantage of, so we’d pass these on to the Local Experts.

What’s in it for us?

The more comprehensive our coverage of the UK, then the more traffic we receive. We’re aiming to be the largest UK database of free quality routes. There are plenty of sites where people simply share a route file from a GPS, but Mud and Routes is much more than that. We include routes that either have a full route description, or perhaps provide a trip report that’s interesting to read or just look at the pictures!

We think that the sheer wealth of quality walks out there on independent sites gets overlooked and deserves a higher profile to compare with paid subscription sites.

For every walk we do need the following:

  • GPX file of the route (or we can convert any other format if needed)
  • Short decription of the route – Google penalises sites for having duplicate content, so this will need penning for each route.
  • At Least one image that’s 1000px across – that’s in order for our site to look good. Anything smaller and it looks blocky. You can add as many images as you want!
  • A Link to your route.

Still not sure, then why not pop over and meet the current class of Mud and Routes Local Experts?