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We were excited when we tried out the Klymit X-Frame, as excited as you can get with a sleeping mat, so were keen to test out this multi-use seat pillow when it landed on our doormat.

What do they mean by Multiuse? Well, by nature of it’s design it’s much more versatile than your typical camping pillow. At first appearance it looks like a sleeping mat designed for a cat. It’s long, flat and quite frankly looks nothing like a pillow. However, that’s the clever bit. For starters you can stretch it out and use it as a seat, or as an elbow rest while sitting up in the bag. I don’t think it’s sturdy enough to be used as a seat outside the tent, but I wouldn’t want to use any sleeping mat type seat outside a  tent just in case.

If you decide to us it as a pillow, then you can stick it in the hood of your bag and you’ve got a pillow no matter which way you turn in the night. The technically named ‘boddy mapped ear cradles’, or holes for your ears as I call them, adds to the comfort as the Kush would otherwise be rather firm against the ear. Instead, it just provides great support. Fold it over a few times if you like your head elevated a bit for sleeping.

At just 85g, it’s light and packs down to a minimal size. The bottom line I suppose is whether or not you’re happy to try and sleep using your boots and fleece in order to make a lumpy pillow, or if you really need the extra comfort this provides. For me, anything that makes a night’s sleep in a tent more likely and comfortable is welcome.

View the video below for some more info on the Klymit Kush.

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