Cwm Idwal Astrophotography with Canon EOS 6D No ratings yet.

I managed to get out to Cwm Idwal tonight – considering that Mud and Routes has acquired a spanking new Canon EOS 6d full frame camera.  It was a lot of playing about, learning the ropes, but managed to be seriously impressed with this bit of kit!

The image below was taken in the gloaming, hand held at ISO 26,000. There’s noise in there, but the scope for wild camping photography is limitless.

idwal milky way-0103

Of course, it’s the sky we came to photograph, and after it looked like clouding over, it cleared.

idwal milky way-0134


Always room for a few selfies – but the ‘coma’ on the images may mean that the Tokina 11-16mm may well not be up to the job of full frame photography.

idwal milky way-0125

idwal milky way-0127

Tried a bit of tracking….. Another hand held image at seriously high ISO.

idwal milky way-0108

idwal milky way-0137

Eventually time to leave..

idwal milky way-0140

But time for a final shot of some lucky beggars off for a wild camp with Tryfan in the background!



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