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      You’ve read all the routes on Walk up Snowdon, and you’ve some more questions. You’ve come to the right place!

      Please note that we will no longer be replying to any questions on email for specific advice, and suggest that you add your question here where soeone will come along with an answer.

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      Tryfan Williams

      Was wondering which route has the best scenery?

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      Rachael Rankine

      Hi, can anyone help me with which route to take DOWN Snowdon, the easiest please.

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      Dave Roberts

      Hi Rachel, that would have to be the Llanberis Path! The gradient is easier than the other options as well as being a good track for most of it’s duration. Only the section after Clogwyn Station is rough going, but work is ongoing to improve that section (at last!)

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      Tryfan Williams

      can you take dogs on the snowdon sherpa service?

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      Hi guys – new to this site and am interested in walking up Snowdon with my dog in 2020. Please could you give me some advice on which path would be best as first timers?

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      Myself and a group of colleagues from Birmingham are climbing Snowdon in a few weeks. The majority of us are climbing but there are a few who are concerned because of the centre at the summit being closed and there being no toilet facilities. They have said they would rather do a hike around Snowdon where they could get toilet facilities if they needed them. Could anyone advise me of a good walk they could do. We would be parking at Llanberis. Is there one that starts from around there? Appreciate any advice. Thanks

Viewing 6 reply threads
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