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No, we’re not taking the pi** this week, seriously.

When you’re navigating, and you want to point to a location on the map, be aware that your finger is somewhere in the region of 400m in width when you measure it relative to the map scale (1:25,000). That can lead to a huge discrepancy.


One easy way of pointing to a location on the map is to use the corner of the compass. This is ideal if you’re in control of the navigation and are carrying the kit.


On occasions when the numpty with the nav kit has the sense of direction of a five year old who’s just spent five minutes spinning wildly on the spot, you’ll need to point them in the right direction. Using a finger, or worse still a gloved one, won’t help accuracy much. What you need is either a blade of grass or a reed that you can use to point to the location on the map accurately.


We can’t, however, guarantee that said numpty will listen or get you anywhere near desired location.

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