night running

Embrace the Winter Evenings

The clocks are going back on Saturday night, and the evenings are going to be longer. Yet it’s not all doom and gloom as we at Mud and Routes believe you can embrace the dark winter nights and make them your own! You can keep on night running, walking those night walks or even mountain biking in

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Caplight Review

If you’re someone who likes to run with a cap, then running in the dark requires that you choose between your cap or a head torch (do people really run with a torch in hand?) When these appeared on Amazon advertised as being for runners as well as just about any other activity going , we

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5 Things: Night Running

With the days getting shorter, night running becomes inevitable if you want to keep active and not turn into a couch potato over the winter months. While running at night is definitely an option, there are some safety issues to take into consideration before hitting the road. By following these five tips you should be

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Led Lenser H7 Review

You may already have seen our unscientific review of the Magicshine lights and how they’ve seriously revolutionised our night runs and hill walks. Despite the bulk, it was a step forward, like those early pioneers who carried mobile phones the size of briefcases and shouted loudly into them that their business deals were going nicely

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