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Super Hill Foods 8 – The Jaffa Cake

By Dave Roberts   

on November 14, 2011    No ratings yet.

Super Hill Foods 8 – The Jaffa Cake

What better to snack on than a whole tube of  jaffa cakes after a long pull up the mountain? Plenty of carbs to recharge the battery without being overly sweet. Jaffa cakes hit that sweet middle ground between pure sugar rush and a slower release snack such as a flap jack that might not be as appealing. With enough chocolate to give it sweetness, a sponge-like substance for texture and an orange jelly in order to persuade ourselves that if we eat them in sufficient quantities that they count as one of your 5 a day. They don’t… I checked.


The jaffa cake has been the cause of controversy in it’s time, and not because of stingy cycling companions choosing not to share. There’s that eternal question of whether the jaffa cake is really a cake, or just a biscuit. Apparently, a Sun poll showed that their readers thought it was a biscuit, which as far as I’m concerned is case closed; clearly a cake. But big money was at stake. As a chocolate covered biscuit, it attracted VAT while the equivalent cake would not. This went as far as going to court where it was decided that one of the defining features of a cake was that it went hard as it went off, while a biscuit went soft. As Jaffa Cakes harden as theygo stale, that made them a cake. Whether this makes bread a cake as well wasn’t elaborated upon.


Fortunately, we can still afford to buy Jaffa Cakes, and even if they were 10p more expensive it would hardly make a difference. Even cheaper are the supermarket own brands that are often as good, but certainly much cheaper. Just don’t leave a pack of these within my reach if you want to see them again….

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Dave Roberts

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