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What is Safesport ID?

By Tryfan Williams   

on December 16, 2014    No ratings yet.

What is Safesport ID?

For the last few weeks I’ve been sporting a rubber band on my left wrist, this isn’t my attempt to return to my teenage years, nor a show of support for the latest fashionable charity. No, this is the SafeSport ID, and as the name suggest it’s a bracelet that offers you safety by storing your ID.

How so? Well when you purchase the bracelet you’re given the chance to customize it with your vital personal info, including name, ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact phone number, any allergies or medications you’re currently taking. All of which can give vital info to save your life, especially so when out on the mountains as that “crucial” time window can make the difference!


“Safesport id can help to save your life – DON’T GO OUT WITHOUT IT.”

This is great for the active among us, especially so if you’re into extreme or isolated sports where the dangers are higher. But it can also serve those of us with a specific allergy or condition that needs to be bought to the attention of the emergency services. Although strongly marketed to the active among us, it is also touted as useful for any children, the elderly or anyone who could be vulnerable or get lost easily. Had the amnesia suffering Jason Bourne been wearing one we could have negated a lot of international trouble for the CIA, but then we would have lost out on the awesome Bourne trilogy!

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I’m sporting the PRO, which comes with a choice of silicone bands to suit the user’s size and a hypoallergenic stanless steel ID with 6 lines of personalized text space (24 characters per line) to be lazer engraved. There’s a choice of colours too, I plumped for black as it seems to go with anything, not that I’m the most fashionable cat on the mountains by a long shot!

Other variation include, the MINI, BASIC, and KIDS. Check out the site to see which would suit you. www.safesportid.com

The guys over at SafsportID were kind enough to send us over a free voucher to purchase our band, and once we entered our desired data, which was easy as pie, we clicked through to shipping. A PRO will set you back a cool 20.95 Euros, and then P&P on top. A little expensive perhaps, but lest us forget we get a lazer engraved personalized stainless steel ID, which I imagine isn’t cheap to produce. The pro also provies a set of 5 sized bands, so you could give a friend/family member with smaller/or larger wrists a band, with only an extra stainless steel ID to be purchased!

I tend to wear mine when I know I’m off out to the outdoors, but they’re light and comfortable enough to wear throughout the day without noticing them. They’re completely waterproof, and I also took to take mine into the shower, as after a sweaty exercise or after spending time in salt water a clean is in order.

Safe practice when outdoors is obviously important to us here at Mud and Routes, and although we hope we never need to use the SafeSportID, it definitely lies well with us that it’s there in case of an emergency.

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