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Porridge Bread – The Ultimate Mountain Carb

By Dave Roberts   

on July 23, 2016    5/5 (7)

Porridge Bread – The Ultimate Mountain Carb

On a recent walk, one of my walking buddies brought out some rather unusual bread. It turned out not to be bread in the traditional sense, but an Irish recipe for Porridge Bread. It’s one of the easiest recipes to make, doesn’t need any weighing and cooks without any problems. I can usually get it made and in the over while my coffee brews, it really is that easy.


Once cooked, it lasts for five days in the fridge, or maybe longer if you don’t eat it all, and freezes well.

Calorie wise, one loaf packs in a hefty 2000 calories for the basic recipe (plus extras like sunflower seeds). A portion size is four slices, 400 calories, and you can just about get five portions from the loaf if you cut it reasonably straight.


Did we mention it’s gluten free? Well, reasonably so – as some oats are processed in factories where wheat is also processed – so you’ll need to be careful depending on how sensitive you are.

It’s also robust and has some heft to it. Once put together and wrapped up, can be chucked into the pack and will survive most things you can throw at it!

Finally, it’s also tasty! It reminds me of home made bread, only denser and moister.

How to Make Porridge Bread


You will Need:

  • 500ml Low Fat Youghurt (or soya equivelent)
  • One Egg
  • Porridge Oats – two youghurt pot full
  • 2 tsp Baking Soda
  • Pinch of salt
  • Palm of Sunflower seeds (or whatever you have around the kitchen)

1 Empty the youghurt into a bowl, adding all the ingredients bar the porridge and extra milk, mixing well.

2 Using the youghurt pot, fill with porridge oats and add to the mix. Repeat.


3 It should mix until it’s the consistency of disgustingly thick porridge. If it separates, carefully add a splash of milk until the mixture is moist.

4 Place in a baking tin, we ‘grease’ it with low fat cooking spray, and bake for 45 minutes at around 180.


5 Remove from the baking tin and finish baking for 15-30 minutes directly on the shelf, until the loaf is golden brown and has a crust all the way around.

6 Cool on a baking tray, and enjoy!


Porridge bread goes well with pate, or just about anything you can fit in between! We’ve even managed to make cheese and tuna toasties with this, bacon and egg or just toasted.

Top Tip – add a splash of Guinness for a slightly maltier flavour, and it also seems to make the loaf rise slightly! Of course, it’s no longer gluten free.


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