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All hot and bothied. 4/5 (1)

Only very rarely are we able to experience something totally new in an environment that has become so familiar. The Carneddau are one of my favourite walking are as and I realised that I know the area well, except for a small section. I’ve walked nearby, but never to Llyn Eigiau or the neighbouring valleys …

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Cadair on Cadair…. No ratings yet.

Is it just me who thinks this will end up as firewood inside the Summit Shelter (see below)?? Wouldn’t fancy kipping in this overnight, but can’t be any worse than a night spent last March in a Foel Grach Shelter buried in snow!

Path Surfaces… No ratings yet.

I was thinking about this on a run the other night. I’d decided to take a slight detour to take in, possibly 400m of forest trail. Decent trails like this are an absolute rarity around Caernarfon, where you’ve either got roads/tarmac cycletracks or the usual farmland ROWs that are either impassible, muddy or require a …

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ML Training 2 No ratings yet.

Day 3. This was a bit of a shock to my system. Ropework. However, i only needed to use one knot, the overhand (or is it underhand?), and that was easy enough. A mentally challenging day to anyone unfamiliar with ropes, but at least there wasn”t much walking involved. I”d have found concentrating on the …

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ML Training 1 No ratings yet.

Had a great weekend with Phil George and the rest of the group. Small group, but means that contact time was maximised. Day 1. Met at Pete”s Eats. Didn”t know there was a flexibility to the 9am meeting time, so missed out on breakfast (will do me good). Met up with a couple who looked …

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SPOT Review No ratings yet.

What is it? SPOT is a personal beacon that transmits SOS messages, or “I’m safe” messages so you can notify friends and family that you’re safe at the end of a walk (especially relevant in remote areas without mobile signals). First Impressions. It’s very much like a little orange GPS without a screen. In the same way …

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