• Dave Roberts wrote a new post, Paths up Snowdon in Order of Difficulty, on the site Walk up Snowdon 1 year, 7 months ago

    Here’s the official Walk up Snowdon list of the Routes up Snowdon in order of difficulty. We’re including all 8 of the main routes up (anyone who claims there are only 6 walks doesn’t know Snowdon!) We’ll also try […]

    • Hi Jack, I’ve certainly read somewhere about doing this and we even planned a figure of 8 route one year as a paper exercise but not sure beyond that. Get in touch via the contact form or i’ll just email you if you want to know more (and possibly featuring the challenge on our site if you want more coverage – especially if you’re doing it for charity).

    • Ah – got you! We’d looked at walking every path – not literally UP every path. That’s quite a challenge.

      Getting the tough ones out of the way first is a good idea, with the remaining routes not really making much difference on order considering the magnitude of the challenge! But finishing on the Llanberis path is a definite as it’s the one that’s easiest to walk down and probably best on tired legs.