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Gelert Plastic Poly Deep Plate and Mug Review

By Dave Roberts   

on June 1, 2013    No ratings yet.

Gelert Plastic Poly Deep Plate and Mug Review

If you’re getting into this wild camping lark and have a budget to keep to, then you’ll need something cheap to eat and drink from. You can eat directly from the cooking pot, or from the pouch in the case of dehydrated meals, but those are prohibitively expensive and if you’re cooking for more than just yourself you’ll definitely need a plate or bowl. Either way, a mug is essential if you want to drink anything other than water from a bottle. The deep bowl and mug from Gelert are worth considering.


They’re sufficiently large enough to take a full meal, and the depth means it has a good chance of staying in there. You can fit a pouch of Look What We Found in there along with a portion of rice – but with care! These have been used for puddings and curry with no tainting problem so far. I’ve owned cheap plastic mugs in the past and they would taint terribly, these are fine. The mug capacity is 275ml, which is plenty.


They’re handy as spares, as I often find myself taking friends or family into the hills who’ve hardly any overnight kit, so I can kit them out cheaply.Of course, a metal cup can in a pinch be used to heat water, this certainly can’t! Considering that a Ti mug will cost nearer £20, this is very suitable for kitting out other family members with their own camping kit without adding weight.


If you’re serious about your wild camping, then you might want to invest in a titanium plate, but if this does the job then why shell out? With the readies you save, you can always treat yourself to a decent singe malt.

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