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If you’re looking to camp out this winter then firing up a backpacking gas lantern can add a more than welcome warm glow to your evening gatherings.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to use caution at using these in any sort of confined space and that they can be dangerous if not properly used. However, properly used you can get a bit of warmth and a natural glow that battery lighting can just never get close to. Add a really decent single malt and you’re laughing (literally if you imbibe too freely).

You’ll need a good stock of mantles as well, and this can work out expensive as the first thing you need to do is set the mantle on fire in order to burn off the fabric and turn the mantle to a fragile ash. This ash is what allows the lanterns to burn so brightly, but can also break up when you pack the lantern away and carry it off the hill. Fortunately, they are only about a quid each (depending on brand) and if you get them to stay in one piece for a few nights then that’s a bonus.

Here’s a run-down of the top 5 backpacking Lanterns:

Coleman F1 Lite. £24.99

The lightest of the bunch at 88g, the F1 Lite Lantern comes with an unbreakable mesh globe and a carrying pouch designed to protect the stove in transit.

18 hours from one canister.


Vango Gas Lantern £21.00

A mid range option with a glass globe and piezo ignition, but still managing to weigh in at 138g.

If you’re afraid of wasting each mantle, this lantern comes with six. Plenty enough for the most inept to get going.



Primus Ultralight Micron Compact LP Gas Lantern £59.99

The most expensive lantern in our run down, the Primus Ultralight isn’t the lightest at 124g, but does come with an unbreakable mesh globe and piezo ignition.

It also throws out a blinding 70 watts of light, making it the brightest of the 5.


Go System Mini Lite Lantern £31.95

Weighing in at a respectable 102g, the Go Systems provides an impressive 50 watts of light and has an unbreakable globe.



Gelert Mini Gas Lantern £14.99

The cheapest of the lot at £14.99 so you’d expect the specs to be less impressive than the others. Sporting a breakable glass globe and weighing in at 168g, it is among the heaviest.

In it’s favour, there’s a piezo ignition which is a bonus. The light output is also slightly lower.

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