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Unscented baby wipes have been an essential on all my trips, being used for anything from wiping up spills, cleaning pots and as a softer alternative to sphagnum moss when needed. They can be reasonably heavy, so these DSP Magic Coin Towel dry wipes to which you add water are an interesting alternative.


The DSP Magic Coin Towels come in a bag of 50, and a handy tube to carry 10. Add some water and they immediately swell up and are easily unwrapped into a tough little towel. The pics below give you an idea exactly how large the towel is unwrapped compared to the compressed version. One of these is more than sufficient for getting the worst off your pot and cup after a meal, using a second for polishing. Of course, you’ll still need to be careful in use, getting your kit as clean as possible with water and whatever else is to hand first. These are also a potential fire lighter. If you pull one apart while still dry, it will burn slowly but effectively enough to get some twigs burning but hardly foolproof.


If you add one to very hot water, you can use it as a flannel for your morning ablutions, or just for freshening up at the end of a sweaty day. Your regular wipe would find itself ripped to shreds on my bestubbled face, while these coped admirably in comparison.

They don’t however have any sort of soap or detergent, unlike wipes, so you may need to carry some. A compromise is to take a few wipes as well, which can be used to cut through grease and then use these to finish the job off.

They cost £3.99, and so they’re not as cheap an option as wipes, which come in at anything from a pound upwards for 80. However, these are tougher and lighter and only a few pounds more expensive. Unlike wipes, they have a better shelf life, so you eliminate the inevitable wastage of wipes from dried out packs and ziploc bags of unused wipes from trips that find their way back into the kit box and are hopelessly dried out by the time you next need them. These compressed towels have become an essential in our camping kitchen, but as an addition to wipes rather than to replace them.

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