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How about a bit of kit that’ll power your gadgets all weekend long without resorting to unreliable solar power, loads of batteries or a heavy battery pack?

New from Brunton is the award-winning Hydrogen Reactor™ – a highly technical device that’s a bit larger than a smartphone and combines hydrogen with oxygen to produce electricity that will power electronic devices like cameras, smartphones, tablets, GPS, water purifiers and game consoles via a standard USB output.

hydrogen reactor

Launched at OutDoor, the Hydrogen Reactor™ received a prestigious Gold Award.

So, how does this work?  The small, removable Hydrogen cores contain hydrogen as the Reactor’s source of energy.  Once the core is simply screwed into place by the user the Reactor’s hydrogen reacts with the oxygen from the ambient air and produces an output of 5v 2amp – enough to recharge your iPhone fully 5 – 6 times.  An Optimiser button on the top manages the power needed to charge up different devices.

The Hydrogen Reactor™ comes supplied with two free Hydrogen cores each one of which is equivalent to 30+ AA batteries. It is environmentally safe, no toxic chemicals and producing no waste product.

Once a Hydrogen core is empty it can be recharged using a Brunton Hydrolyser at a cost of £4 per cell. This extracts Hydrogen from ordinary water and produces Oxygen as a by-product.  This is a huge saving when compared to the cost of 15 AA batteries.  Hydrolysers will be available in outdoor retailers across the country.  


Price: £135

Size: 11.4 x 7.1 x 3.2cm

Weight: 136g – 216g with Hydrogen Core in place

Colours:  Black, yellow, orange

As with all Brunton gadgets the Hydrogen Reactor comes with a no quibble life-time guarantee called UProof.  Break it and Brunton will fix it or replace it, no question.  

Find yout stockists via: – T: 023 9252 8711

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