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All I want for Christmas 14 A Decent Headtorch/Bike Light

By Dave Roberts   

on December 14, 2011    No ratings yet.

All I want for Christmas 14 A Decent Headtorch/Bike Light

With the evenings now thoroughly closed in and no end in sight, if you’ve been using old fashioned led or even bulb lighting, you don’t know what you’re missing. If you’re walking or cycling, you’ll find this revolutionary.

For best effect, you should wait until your companions use their puny laterns, thinking – “ah! I can see clearly now Lorraine has gone”, before turning night into day and making them feel inadequate each and every time they see you from this point onwards.

On minor lanes the larger Magic Shine lights are as strong as car headlights but still light enough to be used as a head torch, albeit a bulky one. You’d safely descend a mountain or mountain bike a black grade run with these. For a little less impact, though argualby still enough, the Led Lenser is one of the most powerful compact head torches on the market. You won’t notice that it’s there on runs, and even if you’ve got more powerful lights on your bars, having this extra on your head means you’ll always have light where you need it (i.e. in the direction you’re looking).

Those posts are a good 100m away

Another good thing about these is that cars are much more likely to dip as they head towards you. Drivers really don’t have a clue what it is heading towards them and I think they presume it’s a motorcycle or some other motorised vehicle that demands respect, rather than a pedestrian who’se night vision they can just destroy. Of course, you’ll likewise need to show the same resepct, and these lights do need to be used with care as they’re just so blinding. That can be a problem on a bike if you set the beam to be too high, but some of the newer Magicshine (the mickey mouse onwards) can be controlled with a remote button placed on the handlebars.

Another advantage with these lights is the price.

A decent head torch will set you back a few quid and £40 for a headtorch isn’t unreasonable when you consider the performance. The only drawback is that it is very expensive to run as it just sucks the juice from your batteries, so it’s probably better to get the rechargeable version if you don’t need it on a long trip. The Magicshines are rechargeable, and unlike the headlamp, are so much cheaper than comparable lights while at the same time providing so much more light.

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