The PYG track up Snowdon is both the shortest tracks up Snowdon, and the one that involves the least amount of ascent as it starts from pen y Pass Car park (LL55 4NY for sat nav!) and already nearly a good way of the way up. Despite this, the PYG track isn’t the easiest path up Snowdon and like all walks up Snowdon, it should be treated with the utmost respect.


About the PYG Track up Snowdon.

The PYG track up Snowdon can be steep and rocky in places but the paths are generally good all the way and reasonably straightforward to follow. Only the section between where it joins the Miner’s Track and the final zig-zag section, is the path a bit trickier to follow.  It is 5.5km in length and involves around 800m of ascent. If you’re reasonably fit, you should make it up in three hours with 3 hours being a realistic time for a full walk up and down for the extremely fit!!

Remember to allow plenty of time for breaks and stopping to take in the sights, which can easily slow you down as you take in the excellent views.

The views of Snowdon are among the best of any route up. The PYG track is also one of the busiest routes up, so consider setting off very early morning or mid-afternoon to avoid the crowds. If you do set off later in the day, make sure you’ve got enough hours of daylight left to descend safely. In winter conditions, the upper section of the path becomes very treacherous and in common with all the other routes up, should not be attempted in snow unless you’re properly equipped and experienced. The very final section onto Bwlch Glas is corniced over in true winter conditions, making it a tricky proposition even for experienced winter walkers with full kit.

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Visit Walk up Snowdon for the full route description. As well as everything Snowdon!


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