Lon Eifion and Lon Gwyrfai

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9 St Helen's Rd, Caernarfon, Gwynedd LL55, UK


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Lon Eifion and Lon Gwyrfai

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Did this run tonight along the newly opened Lon Eifion to Gwyrfai Link. This mainly off road cycle track takes you on a wide pavement in the main along to the Lon Gwyrfai local cycle route. Makes an easy walk from Caernarfon, where you could pop into the Newborough Arms in Bont on the way. Quite a pleasant one to do on a summer afternoon, though much less salubrious on a damp January evening in the company of the commuting traffic.

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The route starts at the Welsh Highland Railway station in Caernarfon, and follows the Lon Eifion cycletrack that starts just at the end of the platform.

This track leads you on gently towards Bontnewydd, crossing over the Afon Seiont at just under the 1km point (the main route image, not taken tonight, in the dark, obviously!!).

The route crosses one side road, but you keep on the track as far as the Bontnewydd WHR ‘Platform’ as station is surely too grand a name. Cross the railway here, with care, and follow the path downhill.

Turn left along the minor road, keep an eye out for rat-run traffic during commuting hours, and you’ll arrive at the main road in Bontnewydd in a few minutes (There are also signs here for the cycle tracks).

Cross at the lights, then follow the sideroads past the shop and houses, and then continue on the traffic free lane.

You cross the road at the Gypsy Wood attraction, and here the track leaves the road for a bit and has slightly more interest as you dip and reclimb.

Soon past this, you’re at the Lon Gwyrfai cycletrack (mainly country lanes) and turn left along the country lane, left again (At the signs!) and then eventually right at the main road (but you can cycle off the road).

Turn right across the old Pont Saint (a corruption of Seiont, or possibly, the other way around) and then the track leaves the short section of quiet road left and downhill. A final climb finds you crossing the railway and back on the track you started on. Turn right here to return to the start.

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  1. Eryl Davies 6 years ago

    The route I like is Caernarfon to Waunfawr Station and then turn West to Bontnewydd (via Braich Moel Smytho) and return via Lon Eifion. If I had a GPS I’d post a map. The route is easier in reverse but you miss out on a glorious view over Anglesey from the green lane descent from Braich Moel Smytho. The climb up from Waunfawr railway station is a challange to say the least, but can be ridden by those who are moderately fit and have a good range of gears.

  2. Author
    Dave Roberts 6 years ago

    I love that track – it’s the nearest ‘green lane’ to home. As you say, take the easy way and miss out on the view, or the hard climb from Waun and get the glorious view!

    I’ve done it from the Kate Roberts memorial as a run a few times – downhill all the way!

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